Structured design of informative-communicative systems. Research of methods of information resources production and development in informative-communicative systems.
Lissov P.

The object of research – an informative resource of informative-communicative system of organization system.

The subject of research – system engineering business-processes for informative resource: analysis, design, creation and deployment. The goal of the thesis is the research of methods and the development of the technology for informative resources production.

Research methods: Applied system analysis and component approach were used for design process of informative resource of informative-communicative system. Modeling was made with visual modeling methods, such as UML. Mathematical modeling was used.

Research results and the scientific novelty: As a result of the given scientific research component approach for informative resources design and development was offered. The results of research are the following: − modern automatized design tools for informative resources were studied; − the analysis of information measurement methods was made and the possibilities of their application for several types of resources were studied; − the technology of resource production as a set of components with defined interfaces was offered.

Keywords: Informative resource; informative-communicative system (ICS); ICS system design; visual modelling, informative resource production, informative collector
Bibliography record:
Ліссов П.М. Системне проектування інформаційно-комунікаційних систем. Дослідження методів продукування та розробки інформаційних ресурсів інформаційно-комунікаційних систем : дис. ... магістра прикладної математики / Ліссов Павло Миколайович. – К., 2008. – 112с.

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