Specialized software complex "PhysiolResp"
R.Grygoryan, P.Lissov, T.Aksionova, A.Moroz

Concepts, mathematical models and software for theoretical study of general rules determining human organism responses to alterations of environmental physical-chemical characteristics are proposed. The software modeling complex (SMC) includes 5 models: 1) Mechanism of reactive cell adaptation to induced energy deficit (IED); 2) Mechanism of main physiological systems integration for IED minimization in a group of cells; 3) Mechanisms of physical changes and physiological responses of cardiovascular system and kidney under atmosphere pressure changes; 4) Mechanism of thermoregulatory responses to IED; 5) Model of external environmental characteristics. Technology of SMC usage is illustrated in test examples.

Bibliography record:
Григорян Р.Д., Лиссов П.М., Аксенова Т.В., Мороз А.Г. Специализированный программно-моделирующий комплекс «PHYSIOLRESP» // Проблеми програмування, — 2009р. — №2. — с.67-82.

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