A software-modeling complex providing theoretical research of interaction between human physiological systems
Grygoryan R.D., Atoyev K.L., Lissov P.N., Tomin A.A.

A research technology in area of human virtual physiology that includes several aspects of interaction between functional modules of organism is proposed. The technology is based on following quantitative mathematical models: biochemical transformations of energy in cell; cellular mechanism of reactive adaptation; integration of output function of cells within multi-celled simple population; pumpm function of four-chambered heart and hemodynamics in vascular net; filtration – reabsorption function of kidneys; models of their interaction. The technology is directed to physiologists-researchers, medics and also to biomedical students.

Bibliography record:
Григорян Р.Д., Атоев К.Л., Лиссов П.Н., Томин А.А. Программно-моделирующий комплекс для теоретических исследований взаимодействия физиологических систем человека // Проблеми програмування. — Київ, 2006. — №1. — с.79-92.

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