A software simulator of human cardiovascular system based on it’s mathematical model
Grygoryan R., Lissov P.

Special research software based on model of human cardiovascular physiology is created. Heart pump function model uses an approach when the characteristic dynamics of the whole myocardial rigidity within each cardiac cycle is presented as a consequence of asynchronous contraction and relaxation of cardiac cells. Neural - humoral control of heart activity and vascular tonus in model is built on use of pathways from vascular mechanoreceptions, chemoreception, blood temperature, and also efferent activity of brain highest centers. All outside influence (gravitational, barometric, muscle and emotional) are dynamic and constructed by user. The software is built to be used both in autonomic regime and as a part of more complex model of human physiologic systems.

Bibliography record:
Григорян Р.Д., Лиссов П.Н. Программный имитатор сердечно-сосудистой системы человека на основе ее математической модели // Проблеми програмування. — Київ, 2004. — №4. — с.100-111.

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